Where and what is Key West, Florida?

Key West is an island located in the Florida Keys, a 100 mile string of islets which extend south west from the southern part of the state of Florida in the United States. The Florida Keys
The islands are connected by a scenic road and around 50 bridges. This is called the Overseas Highway. Key West is the last island on the Overseas Highway and has the distinction of being the southernmost point of the continental United States. The size of the island is 1 by 3 miles. The Seven Mile Bridge
Key West is steeped in history. Due to its strategic location it has played a strong military role with its Civil War era forts (Fort Zachary Taylor and the Martello Towers) and natural deep water port. Fort Zacchary Taylor
Key West is flanked on the south by living reef which proved beneficial the residents of the 1800's. A thriving wrecking industry grew from the many sailing ships grounded on the reef. This enabled Key West to become the wealthiest city in the state of Florida during its hey day. The Coral Reef
Key west is now a major tourist attraction drawing millions of tourists a year. Tourists flock to Key West in automobiles, cruise ships, and airplanes to experience its quaint charm with its unique style of island architecture and its eccentric artistic lifestyle. The island is buzzing with activity with its proliferation of bicycles, scooters, tourist trams and wandering tourists.  The Old Town Trolley
Water sports are a big draw for Key West which is in an excellent location for diving, fishing and boating. Flats Fishing in the Back Country
Key West is known as a Mecca for partiers who seek the raucous night life. The main street of Old Town is Duval St. which is the party center of the Universe with its numerous and diverse bars and clubs. Duval Street at Night
Key West has many other attractions for the casual tourist such as a plethora of museums, sea food restaurants and of course the world famous Sunset Celebration. The Silver Statue at Sunset Celebration in Key West